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Provide templates to create flash photo albums, animated buttons, and eye-catching banners, as well
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15 June 2011

Editor's review

Flash Maker Suite is a cost-effective package for flash developers and webmasters as it provides them with two competent utilities in one pack. It integrates of two applications namely, SWF Quicker V4.6 and SWF Easy V6.2 which allows you to generate Flash and edit SWF files effortlessly. The package provides you with Flash SWF Editor tool, along with GIF animator and Flash maker utility to facilitate you in drawing different resources from SWF files, and create new flash files for your websites. With the skilled assistant of the two programs you can generate Flash Albums, Navigation Buttons, Banners, Greeting Cards, Text Animation, and Slide Shows for using in your presentations and websites.

Amongst the two applications, the SWF Quicker tool is a skilled Flash SWF Editor that facilitates editing existing SWF files to generate professional Flash animation. It allows adding special animation effects such as buttons, texts, and movie clips, and supports exporting the output file to animated GIF, AVI video, or Flash CS3 and CS4 movie. In addition, it provides features for pixel snapping, object snapping, snap alignment, creating shape and photo morph effect, along with different other tools for creating texts and vector graphics. It also imparts several in-built flash album, navigation button, banner, and slideshow templates, where you can make instant changes and get the desired output. Next, the SWF Easy is an expertise Flash creator and GIF animator application that supports generation of flash button, text animation, flash photo album, greeting card, and flash presentation. It also provides rich templates, in-built resources, website designers, and flash fans or creating Flash animation within few clicks. With numerous flash effects; element motion path feature; supports for several images, sounds, clips, shapes, etc; and various other objects you can get GIF and AVI files as output.

Flash Maker Suite is a great combination of two potent tools that supports generating different flash files and editing the existing SWF files, with ease. For the incredible and fantastic set of features along with its stellar performance, the utility is assigned with 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

SWF Quicker is the leading Flash SWF editor. This best flash animation editor can edit SWF files or create professional Flash animations from scratch. It fully supports ActionScript 3.0; supports to apply plenty of built-in animated effects to Flash movie elements; provides quick-start templates to make Flash Albums, Banners, Navigation Buttons and Slide Shows easily.
This Flash animation maker can create and edit SWF of Flash V6, V7, V8, V9 and V10. It supports adding Motion/Shape/Image Tween. The Image Tween animation is also used to create unique photo morph effect. Furthermore, seven popular Flash filters add visual animating effects to texts, buttons and movie clips. Object/Pixel Snapping and Snap Alignment are offered to align objects precisely. This Flash animation maker also can export Flash movies to SWF, EXE, GIF, or AVI, which helps you enjoy colorful Flash arts conveniently. It's undoubtedly powerful and low cost Flash animation software.
Also known as GIF Animator, Sothink SWF Easy makes Flash animation easily and quickly. It creates Flash Banner, Flash Button, Flash Album, Text Animation and Flash Presentation with various Flash templates, resources and effects. This Flash maker also supports ActionScript and UI components. It can import external resources, simply decompile SWF and export Flash as GIF, AVI and SWF. It is really an easy-to-use and powerful Flash animation maker.Quicker is an absolutely versatile Flash maker. You can find all you ever hear about -- shape design, motion tween creation, guided motion and adding stream sound. What's more, a real featured product it is!With the amazing discount you can get such a featured, easy to use product bundle with brilliant service for life. It helps you design professional Flash movies rich with all things you needed. So, no more guessing! Try Versatile Flash Maker Bundle now!
Flash Maker Suite
Flash Maker Suite
Version 4.0
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